Cross docking:

Cross-docking is the process of accepting and shipping goods through the warehouse directly, without placing them in a long-term storage area.
Cross-docking is a set of logistics operations within the supply chain, due to which the shipment from the warehouse and the delivery of goods are as precisely coordinated in time as possible. As a result, the products are delivered on time.

Responsible storage:

Responsible storage is a complex service that provides for the maintenance, processing and escort of cargo of various specifications. The client company completely eliminates the need to equip its own storage facilities, maintain staff, purchase and maintain auxiliary special equipment. Such outsourcing guarantees the integrity of the cargo, its storage in strict accordance with the conditions specified in the contract.

What is the essence of responsible storage? The company providing the service performs the whole range of warehouse operations with your goods: ensuring optimal environmental conditions, loading and unloading, repackaging, issuing to customers, etc. The client pays only for storage and additional services, no services – no payment. This is the main benefit for you, because if you have your own warehouse, you pay for the area used, labor of personnel and equipment, regardless of the actual volume of work.

Transport logistics:

We provide transportation of whole cargo in the Moscow region, Russia,
to the CIS countries and Europe.